What’s a reasonable minimum spec to aim for these days?

With Icefall, I’ve already taken the decision to target Direct3D9 – I get a lot of extra capabilities compared to DirectX8, and it still works with Windows XP unlike 10 or 11… a pretty simple decision.

But what about in terms of video memory? And system RAM? What’s a realistic minimum these days? Icefall is a freeware, turn-based RPG, so by rights it shouldn’t require a leading edge PC, but I need a specific target to prevent limiting myself unnescessarily.

Howzabout 32mb video, and 512mb RAM? I think that fits most every PC you could buy in the last few years… and should be enough for some reasonable effects. Anyone got any thoughts on this?

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  1. I would say something around the minimum requirements of what you need to run windows XP. That should mean anyone with XP should be able to run it. That being said you have to balance the extra programming time required to cater for these specs, if it looks like you need more grunt then I would say up the min. specs rather than waste time working around it.

  2. Well, the requirements are already higher than XP… it needs DirectX 9, which won’t install on 95/98/ME/2K. Also XP only requires a 64MB RAM, 233Mhz processor: I doubt my current build would even load in those conditions.

  3. […] my own main PC has 512MB of video texture RAM, not everyone does! And following on from my minimum requirements post, I don’t really want someone’s video card memory size to be a limiting factor if […]