After a delay of way longer than expected, I am happy to announce that the redesigned Five Hundred game V1.00 is now available!

Five Hundred game

Five Hundred released!

I had hoped to have this done several months ago, but I kept getting sidetracked into adding extra features. Some of the new things you can see in this game:

  • User customisable cardsets, cardbacks and tables
  • You can use cardsets from any of the most popular formats on the internet: Reko, RKP, and WizSolitaire cards. Download 1,000s of custom cardsets from www.rekonet.org
  • Vastly improved opponent artificial intelligence from the original version
  • Should work on any computer with DirectX9.0c or higher, and Windows XP or better. (any computer that’s too new for the original version!)

Of course, the first version doesn’t mean development is complete. I’ve tested it on as many PCs as I can get access to, but a wider audience may introduce new bits and pieces to address. Please feel free to email me with any issues, comments, feedback or suggestions for newer versions.

I’m already hard at work on adding new improvements for the next release. Currently in the development process is:

  • Six different opponents, which influence both bidding and playing styles
  • Network play – play with or against your friends on a LAN or over the internet!
  • Misere and Open Misere variants (as well as other variants, if anyone suggests or asks for them.. let me know how they work!)
  • Make it work more smoothly on touch displays on Windows 8

Enjoy! You can download the game from here.

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  1. The closest to playing the real game of 500 that I have found. It plays just the way my Dad and his brothers used to.

  2. Your way of playing 500 is wrong you run opposition out and your partner