It’s finally ready! There was some scope changes involved in this version, which is why it’s taken much longer than expected, but here it is!

Key new features in this version:

  • Achievements! Over 20 specific in-game achievements to unlock
  • Assisted check for new versions/update process
  • Support for fullscreen (and windowed fullscreen) display modes
  • Three different AI play styles to choose between
  • Bugfixes, new cardsets, new backdrops

Download here, or at the Downloads page.

Paradice 500 is totally free; and comes with no advertising, spyware, shareware or anything like that. It was created with the single goal of wanting to create the best computer version of Five Hundred, ever.

Five Hundred game

Five Hundred v1.2!

Please remember to leave a comment if you enjoy!

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  1. I like the game, but where is the “Nello” (or zero) bid? That is a great weapon when the cards just aren’t coming your way.

  2. Love the game, have been playing it for a while, but for the last couple of weeks, whenever I try to open it it flashes up and vanishes immediately. Have uninstalled and reinstalled to no avail. Running Windows 7 Pro x64, wondering if this is a bug you know about? Also, your contact page form doesn’t appear to be working, hence the comment here.

  3. I enjoy playing this game but whoever wrote the code apparently has little or no idea on how to correctly play 500. There are a number of poor plays. Here are just a few:
    1. Generally speaking, the person winning the bid (contractor) should play trump early to minimize all the cross-cutting that happens when you don’t (as happens in this game).
    2. The team not winning the bid should never lead trump unless they have a majority of the trump. Leading trump just helps the contractor clear out trump (see #1).
    3. The contractor should never play themselves out of trump unless they have all the other suits ‘tied up’.
    4. When the contractor leads low to his partner, the partner should play his highest card (unless he’s trying for a finesse).
    5. Ugh. I could go on.

  4. To Mr. Lawrence Curwood at Paradice Software:

    I would like to thank you and your associates for developing and making available for download a version of the card game 500. I’ve played and enjoyed it every day.
    I would also like to ask if you know of any other card games available on the internet that I can download without too much fear of corruption from malicious software.
    Thanks again — Jim Duprey

  5. I agree with Gary Konkler…
    Much work has been put into creating this game but I wish the creator had actually learned to play the game well. The only reason I lose is when my partner plays like a beginner. Sorry but it is most frustrating. I live in Wellington New Zealand and would be happy to help improve the playing of this my most favourite of card games.

  6. Hi Bruce

    I would be happy to share the source code for the partner (and opponent) module; I deliberately wrote that part of the game in a dialect of Pascal, with the idea it could be as human-readable, so others could help me improve it – but unfortunately the person I had lined up for that had other commitments.

    I know I’m not an expert 500 player, but I literally have no one to play against (I’ve only played it in person as a teenager, many years ago now and in a different city), so I can’t program it to play better than I can myself.

    Flick me an email to lawrence @ paradicesoftware.com and I’ll start the collab.

  7. The only way for you to improve this game with my help is to do it face to face, it is a complex game and to go through all the necessary gobbledegook in writing is just an impossibility. As I said once before I live in Wellington and would be happy to meet up and explain the problems. I love this game, putting it above Bridge and all pretenders to the crown. Lets meet somewhere sometime for a long coffee and nut this thing out.