Freepascal Links

 FreePascal Compiler –
FreePascal (or FPC) is a 32 & 64-bit, multi-platform totally free pascal language compiler. On the website you can download the compiler, units contributed by other users, and other cool stuff. It also has special compatibility modes for Borland Pascal & Delphi, so you can use code designed for those compilers with small or even no changes.
 Clootie graphics pages –
This is what makes it possible for me to create modern games like Icefall in FreePascal. Clootie has converted Microsoft’s DirectX/Direct3D/XNA header files to be Freepascal compatible. There are other conversions out there for Delphi, but they rely on too many Delphi-specific language constructs so they’re pretty useless for FPC work.
 The Old New Thing –
Microsoft’s Raymond Chen talks about design decisions made back in the early Windows days, and their ramifications on people writing for Windows today. An incredibly valuable resource!