Paradice Software website makeover

To cope with the huge expected demand for information about Icefall (hahaha), I thought it was about time I updated the website, as the old one was created in Notepad using handcrafted HTML over ten years ago, and it hasn’t aged well!

I am slowly working around to migrating the site to a CMS (I want to design it myself, to improve my ASP skills, so it will take some time). In the meantime, the least I can do is update the styles a little so it’s not quite as painful to look at. The main news page is using WordPress, so at least it’s searchable / RSS enabled.

Going forward, here is where I’ll try to blog about the development of Icefall, including the challenges, decisions, and anything else that seems relevant. If you’re interested in the non-professional game development process, hopefully this should make a good read for you!

Archives, Old Content…

If for some strange reason you want to look at the previous News content of the website, this is The News Archive link.

Some people may also still find The CPUID Guide handy, although it hasn’t been updated in several years.

I have updated the About and Links pages to remove obsolete information. The “Projects, Guides and LX5suite” are still way overdue however!